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Bimetal themometers
Temperature measurement is made by means of a bimetal system inside the thermometric sensor. The bimetal consists of two different metal strips, permanently joined together. Both metal features a thermal expansion coefficient that differs from the other. This causes the strip to attain a particular curve that is proportional to the temperature variation. The actual bimetal system consists of a bimetal strip that is either
helically or
Wound, as the size of the sensor and the temperature to be measured demands. Any temperature variation influences the bimetal in such a way as to rotate an attached spindle. This rotation is indicated by means of a pointer on a dial scale. WIKE bimetal thermometers are available to measure temperatures from -70oC to +600oC with an accuracy in compliance with Class 1 and 2 of DIN 16203.
Bimetal themometers
Gas actuated thermometers
The thermomotric system consists of thermometric sensor bulb, transmitting capillary and case containing a bourdon tube element. The system is pressurised with inert gas. Any temperature variation will effect the internal pressure of the system. This pressure variation is measured by the bourdon tube system and indicated on a dial scale in terms of temperature units. Variations of the ambient temperature are compensated for by means of a bimetal strip inside the case.
WIKE gas actuated thermometers are available to measure temperatures from -200oC and +700oC with an accuracy in compliance with Class 1 of DIN 16203.
Gas actuated thermometers


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